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2 Jan 2004

   Updated the changes page and index dates, changed the IP address of the team speak server.

24 Nov 2003

    Added the Team Speak Server IP address to the home page.

1 Sep 2003

    These are the web sites I now administrate. What a pain in the ass! Definitely bit off more than I can chew.








    Updated WNG, TTBRM, SKCMRR, and GCKMRRE pages with several broken link repairs

    Rebuilt the WNG Depot photo pages

    During the month of August I re-created most of the logos and gave them a transparent background

    Installed a new shortcut page, added a logo test page, updated the Devry page

    I'm pointing all photos of any club, rail-fan, module, or activity to a central location on the TTBRM page This should help keep the confusion to a minimum

25 Aug 2003

    Added two new web pages for: Garden and O clubs

10 Aug 2003

    Nothing new this update period. Thought I would let the dust settle. 

8 July 2003

    Corrected some minor flaws with the pages

    Corrected bad link to architecture page

    Removed some bad links from the Friends and Links page

    Corrected frame flaw on art page, added new graphic

    Corrected frame flaw on author, civ, mil pages

    Corrected frame flaw on hosts page

    Corrected image problems and frame flaw with computer pages

1-3 Jul 2003

    Re-aligned the entire site.

        spilt into different domains





If your wondering "Did he add anything new?" Not much at all. Realignment takes a long time. Sue me!! Maybe I'll get to it next month.

19 Jun 03

    Added several updates especially to the trains pages

        page 1

        page 2

        page 4

        page events1

        the Main page

11 May 03

    Updated dates and tip of the month

5 Apr 03

    Updated dates and tip of the month

20 Mar 03

    Made several changes to the Weekend N Gineers pages

15 Feb 03

    Updated the main page with a new hint.

    Updated the trains page

    Updated the Weekend N gineers Pages

    Updated the Author Page Added Civilian BIO

12 Jan 03

    Holy mosses.... Made so many changes I cant list them all

    Most changes were made to update the remaining bad links to fortunecity. Wow what a lot of work

    Made changes to the E-Mail links to reference the page it comes from.

    Moved the remaining pics of AV MRR, AV N-Scalers, and the Computer creatures

18 Aug 02

    Made changes to the train pages see the trains changes text

    Updated the change date

4 Aug 02

    Added Letters of appreciation to list on authors page

    Updated date and tip.

3 July 02

    Started inserting links in this page and the train update page for added and updated links

    Updated the About Author page with letters of appreciation

    Updated date and monthly tip

    Added a B-2 Flight Deck Link  to the Links Page

4 June 02

    Updated the Links and friends page

    Added three new train pages in the trains section

    Updated the About Author page to reflect the addition of a cluster to the national defense ribbon.

    Updated the date and monthly tip

23 May 02

    Updated the main page and the train main page with latest date. 

    Added PC Servicenet Page and logo in computer section

    Updated Nancy Knepp's Email Address

7 May 02

    Updated the main page and the train main page with latest date. New tech tip of the month

    Updated the ART Page with a new banner pic and link

4 Apr 02

    Made changes to the train home page    

    Made changes to the Weekend 'N' gineers home page 

    Made changes to all pages concerning mailing address and mailing form.

    Updated link buttons, images, other slightly non-connected images

    Updated each page title for book marking purposes


Main Page: added notes

    Index: added new notes and footer

    Train Page Added Rail View link

WE Home page made minor changes

    Members page, changed my link to the interview page

    Rail links page added links and pics. 


Started 31 Mar 02