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Darren Hensley is the sole proprietor and owner of H-10-K Enterprises. He has been interested in, and working with  computer systems and networking technology since 1987. He specializes in network/LAN/WAN installation of wire and associated hardware in small business.  Currently Darren has approx 200 private customers and 7 major, local area accounts. Darren is an expert in PC repair and troubleshooting. He administrates file servers running Microsoft products and is a formally trained programmer in Turbo C++ and MS Visual Basic. Darren has constructed and administrates 9 web sites. A former employee of Computer Services of Warrensburg Mo (now retired), Darren  has accelerated his knowledge and experience of PCs and PC repair. Darren services the needs of his local community by word of mouth and discount rates. Contact Darren through E-Mail or one of his many accounts contacts. Don't take his word for it, just ask his clients if his work is really up to par. Darren's Home Network

Computer Dot Com of Grandview Mo mailto:computerdotcom1@kc.rr.com

www.insighteyecare.com  Insight Eyecare and New Vision Laser Center

nkenepp@reeceandnichols.com Creative Mortgage

Appraisal Assoc. of Warrensburg Mo

Burton Dental Clinic, Warrensburg Mo

www.firstcommand.com First Command Financial of Knobnoster Mo

Warrensburg VFW Post 2513

Arwood's Furniture & Gifts of Warrensburg Mo

http://www.warrensburg.k12.mo.us/r6/votech/index.html/ Warrensburg Area Vocational Tech Schools

Darren was the WAVTS  Business Partner of the year May 2000

Computer Services of Warrensburg mailto:mike@repairman.com

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